Year 6 Weekly Update


Hi All,

 Once again, I hope this continues to find you all well and safe.

 Work in maths this week continues to look at number sequences and creating a rule to find the nth term.  In class, our Theme work this week will be looking at the work of the artist Gaudi and producing artworks in his style.  I have emailed the writing task from Sheila this week.  Thanks to those who emailed me the work.  Sheila has provided the usual high standard of feedback and we hope the children have found this useful.

 As always, stay safe and if you need to request copies of the documents sent please email me (or the office if you do not have my contact)



Hi All,


Hope this continues to find everyone well and safe.


Work in maths shifts a focus to algebra this week with a return to number sequences and using equations.  In class, our Theme work this week will be looking at the work of the artist Hundertwasser and producing artworks in his style.  If the children want to have a go at some art at home, I've emailed a workbook; it would be great to see their results.  Also emailed is the writing task from Sheila this week.  Thanks to those who emailed me the work.  I emailed it to Sheila and hopefully the children found the feedback useful (and will apply any relevant tips this week).


As always, stay safe,




Hi All,

 I hope this continues to find you all well and safe. 

 Some of the children have made it into school now and made a start on getting used to the new routines.  For those unable to make it in, work continues to be provided through Purple Mash and I'll email what work I can from the class as an alternative/extension for those craving more.  With the class split, Doug and I are tackling two texts in Literacy aiming to swap over in a couple of weeks.  My group will be looking at Skellig by David Almond whilst Doug is taking on Macbeth by...some playwright I forget the name of.


For those coming to school, the gates are open from 8.45 to 9.15 but I've advised the children to aim for about 9am.  A few were (admirably) arriving very early but then having to queue.  If the children arrive at around 9 it will allow for a free flow into the school rather than queues.  Many thanks, in advance, for helping with this.


Have a great week,




Hello All,

 As usual, I hope this continues to find you and your families well and that you enjoyed the beautiful weather over the half term.

 This week the children will be looking at the usual comprehension, reasoning and grammar exercises to keep them sharp.  Maths continues to look at number work this week to refresh some concepts ahead of the term's work.  In Literacy I've set some work through Purple Mash to look at a couple of different text types.  There are a few tasks there to be spread across the week - they don't need to be done all in one day.


The Art Challenge this week, to reproduce Vertumnus by Arcimboldo, is available to view on the Twitter feed:


We know that some families do not have access to computers and some families have limited computer access at home, so I have included some attachments that can be read on a laptop/tablet or phone and completed on paper. 


When you have completed the work feel free take a picture and email it back to me.




By the Klondike River.pdf

Some handwriting practice.  Copy out the poem and decorate.



Some addition and number pair work to keep the skills fresh.


Cooking1.jpg and cooking2.jpg

A little bit of kitchen science looking at what happens during cooking.  (My apologies for any mess ahead of time)



Some subtraction and inverse work.



Some grammar work on building sentences with conjunctions.


And an update from Paul: 

 Following my letter on the 22nd May I am able to confirm that Nursery class will reopen from Wednesday 3rd June. Staff will be in contact with parents tomorrow to update you with details.


Year 6 will also reopen from Thursday 4th June. Doug and Andrew will be in contact this week to ask if parents require a place.


Year 1 will reopen at some point next week, and reception the week after, however this requires further planning and we will update you as soon as possible.


A letter will go out to relevant classes over the next few weeks, as there are some major changes to school routine that will need to be adhered to, including strict opening times. Also check the website for any updates.


We respect any parents decision whether to send their child back to school or not - I ask that all parents are able to do the same with one another.


Can I also ask that parents are able to respect the difficult decisions taken in planning for classes to reopen, we have  been working within a constantly changing narrative. Our plans are now very comprehensive and we are able to ensure that on return, any risk to children and staff is reduced to the minimum.

 So, will hopefully see some of you soon.

 Have a great week!




Good morning All and welcome to a new week.

 Many thanks to those of you who sent me photos and video clips this week of the children's work.  It was really great to see the progress they'd made with various work challenges.


A slightly shortened week in terms of work set by me since I'm in school on Thursday and school is closed on Friday.  In English we'll be looking at the last of our Charles Causley poems.  Some of the responses the children have had to the poetry thus far has been really thoughtful so I'm glad to see them enjoying the poems.  There are also a couple of comprehensions this week so that the children can keep their reading skills honed.  The maths work continues to see us working on number sequences and generating rules for 'n'.  It's tricky work and I'd encourage the children to take the sessions in order so that the concepts build properly.  In preparation for our topic work I'm asking the children to revisit some of their learning on the water cycle and river features and formation.

 We know that some families do not have access to computers and some families have limited computer access at home, so I have included some attachments that can be read on a laptop/tablet or phone and completed on paper. 

 When you have completed the work feel free take a picture and email it back to me. 




Week7 pdf file - emailed

Handwriting practice.  A poem much in the style of Morwenstow for the children to copy and decorate. 


Flower1.jpg and Flower 2.jpg - emailed

A little bit of science with food colourings and plants.  A chance for the children to mess with nature a bit and see what happens.



A bit of maths reinforcement with sequences. No need to find the rule for 'n' with this one (so that'll be a relief for them).


Languagemap.jpg - emailed

The children have done something similar with Viking place names, but this extends that out looking at how place names reflect those that have settled there.  Look at a map of London or more widely and Britain and see if the children can see any patterns.

 Similarly, I'm aware that some parents are having trouble accessing work online.  Email me if you do not have access to any internet and need physical work packs. I can then send the work to school where it can be printed out and where you can then collect it (from the office, between 9 and 12).  To keep to social distancing guidance, though, only use this option if the children are completely unable to access work online.

 In addition, the school is running an art challenge this week, the details of which can be found on the Twitter feed.

 Hope to see you at our assembly this Thursday at 2.30pm!

 Until then, stay safe and well,



Hi All,

 I hope this continues to find you all well and safe.


 Work for the children should have dropped in Purple Mash now.  We continue to look at the poetry of Charles Causley this week in Literacy and in maths we're looking at number sequences, developing number rules and eventually looking to find the nth term in a number sequence.  Along with the Literacy and Numeracy work you'll find some grammar, reading and maths reasoning as well as some work I'd like the children to look at on the water cycle and rivers (this should be a revision of concepts but it would be useful to know what the children recall before we move onto the topic work).


Sheila has sent out some work about writing a narrative - this was included in my email to families.  Much of the work sent is done on screen but I realised the other day on picking up a pen that I'd suddenly lost the ability to write clearly (more clearly than usual, anyway, which I know isn't saying much) and realised the children may find themselves in the same position.  It occurs to me that some daily handwriting practice wouldn't go amiss.  This doesn't have to be a lot or take too long (copying out a poem, writing a diary entry etc) but should be done daily.


 Additionally, I'm aware that some parents are having trouble accessing work online.  Email me if you do not have access to any internet and need physical work packs. I can then send the work to school where it can be printed out and where you can then collect it.  To keep to social distancing guidance, though, only use this option if the children are completely unable to access work online.

 This week is also STEM week in the school and I've set the children a building project.  Nothing resource heavy but they'll need a couple of newspapers (Evening Standard is free and bulky enough) and some sellotape in order to build the tallest and most stable newspaper tower that they can.  Pictures of any successes (or failures) would be greatly appreciated!


 On the subject of STEM, Sheffield NHS have put together some useful resources for parents and children and is well worth a look:


We are now holding a weekly celebration assembly for all families to take part in - families can register to watch our weekly celebration assembly on Friday at 2:30pm. Just click on the link emailed to you.  It would be great to see as many there as can make it.


I think that's it for now.  Have a wonderful week and if you have any questions feel free to email me.



Easter Update 03/04/2020

Hello All,

 Just a quick note to thank you all for the work you've been doing with the children and wish you all a safe and happy Easter. 

 Today marks the end of term so work will not be set for the next two weeks.  However, Purple Mash can be accessed over the Easter.  I have emailed parents with a newsletter details activities available. The work is varied and the activities are pretty well thought out so, if you need to direct the children to do some work, those are available to you. 

Reading continues to be important and the children need to be doing this daily.  Hackney Library Services offer access to thousands of e-books so they might be worth a visit if you find your book supply drying up:


Whilst I am in school next week, I will periodically check Purple Mash, please remind the children that if they are using the 2Mail, messages are likely to passed on slowly and sporadically.


A few links that may be of interest:


This holiday is a good time to get creative and get some practical art and science done, so with that in mind I've emailed a few pdfs of art and science activities that the children can have a go at.  It's not compulsory, but should the children give them a go, it would be great to see the results.


Harry Potter fans can find inspiration here:

 And for Lego fans, and those with a passion for building on a variety of scales, a book has been released for free here:

with files downloadable for free here:


Of course, Raquel would want me to remind the children to keep up their Spanish practice on Linguascope.


Sheila has also pointed out that this is a great time to get away from the computer screens and get some writing done and has provided a comprehensive list of ideas below:

What Can We Write?

Running out of ideas for your writing?

This list should help.

Choose just one letter each time and work on one of those suggestions.

A: alphabet, autobiography, acrostic poem, advert, article, adjectives, adverbs.

B: book review, biography, brochure.

C: complaint, certificate, comic, chart, conversation, caption, crossword, charm, code, comedy.

D: directions, diary, description, dialogue, dates.

E: exaggeration, examples, editorial, encounter, event.

F: fairy tale, folk tale, fable, family tree, fact, fiction.

G: guess-what, game, gardening, guarantee.

H: haiku, hieroglyph, homework.

I: instruction, invitation, interview.

J: joke, journal.

K: kindness.

L: list, leaflet, letter, label, logo, legend, limerick.

M: magazine, map, message, myth, menu, metaphor.

N: names, notices, newspaper, notes.

O: opposites, offer.

P: personal, play, poetry, plan, presentation, proverb.

Q: quiz, questionnaire, question, quarrel.

R: rhyme, recipe, report, record, riddle, reminder.

S: song, saga, sign, spell, story, simile, survey, secret.

T: tongue twister, timetable, theory, travelogue.

U: useful facts.

V: verse.

W: word game, wish list, wish, weather, worksheet.

X: X-ray.

Y: yarn(exaggerated/invented tale).

Z: zodiac, zoo.

Our theme next term is Hidden Spaces in London which may prove trickier than last year but will be focussing on the hidden rivers in London.  If the children want to get a head start they can begin by researching the locations and history of the Fleet and Tyburn.


Wishing you a happy and healthy Easter!




Morning All,

 I hope this continues to find you all well and safe!

 Work should be finding its way to the children regularly now with daily tasks and some work that can be considered over a couple of days.  This week the children should find some daily SPaG and maths reasoning as well as a comprehension to keep those reading skills brushed up.  We'll be looking at a new Charles Causley poem (Morwenstow) and the work on long division continues (and continues to get a little harder this week).


The children have been inventive in finding ways to get the work to me and it's been good to see the 2Dos completed, email attachments included and even photographs of work sent.  I've been very impressed by how keen they've been to complete work and appreciated their efforts.


In order that the class' writing skills don't get rusty, Sheila has prepared some advice for the class which I'll attach here and send directly to the children. It's important that the children keep their skills sharp.


Writing at Home.

 The first steps:

Talk about your thoughts and feelings, and encourage your children to express theirs. Younger children do benefit from this.


You write:

Let your child see you write letters, fill in forms, prepare shopping lists. Involve them in these daily activities. Let them add their ideas. Perhaps you now have time to write that short story or poem. Try it. Read it to the children and see what they think of it. Can you make changes together?


A good habit:

Encourage frequent, short pieces of writing such as:

Create a diary

Thank you letters

Pen pals (see on-line for sites  .. supervise though)

Write to friends/younger siblings


Birthday cards etc


Room to write:

Choose a comfortable place to write, a well-lit table or a favourite chair, where they feel relaxed.


Little gifts/tools:

A new pencil or pen

A notebook/diary/scrapbook

Access to a dictionary if appropriate

Thesaurus (on-line)

Computer if available


Be a helper:

Enjoy helping them to write. Be positive about their work. Help with spelling and discuss ideas. Encourage them, but don't pressurise keep it fun. Children respond to praise and encouragement. The best writing has a clear purpose.


Share letters:

Ask friends or relatives to write to individual children - they would enjoy receiving something through the post or an email especially for them.


Publish their work:

Display their writing and drawings somewhere appropriate, either at home or on-line. This may make them more careful with presentation. If they write a story, ask them to illustrate it and perhaps staple it together and make a cover. Let them feel that they have produced a real book (which they have).

 Take care, Sheila Gregory

Parkwood Primary School Tutorial Teacher


 In addition, Raquel has prepared some Spanish work for the class this week.  The first part you'll find detailed below and the second part will be emailed to you and the children directly later on in the week. She has also reminded me to remind the children to continue to use linguascope I will send the new log-in details to them directly.

 From Raquel:

 Hola amigos, que tal? I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I would like you to design some bilingual posters to encourage people stay home. Include the following messages in English and Spanish. You could also add your home language if you like!

Stay Home - Qua date en casa

Protect the NHS - Potege el NHS

Save lives - Salva vidas 

It would be great if you could share your posters on Twitter and tag @ParkwoodPrimary as well! If you prefer you can email me a picture of your posters to

 Thanks again for all your support this past week and for your continued support as these unusual times continue,



Hi All,


I hope you are all well and keeping healthy.  A quick update regarding the coming week.


Having missed the training for Purple Mash whilst at Kench Hill (my apologies for all the Kent mud that was tracked back to London - my washing machine has been working overtime), I'll be doing a bit of learning myself this week setting up work and getting used to the platform.  As such, expect work to begin to go up by Thursday.  I anticipate that we'll be looking at some of the poetry of Charles Causley to begin with and revising some work on long division.  I'd also like to continue looking at our Science theme of Light. 


In the meantime, Danica has kindly set some work for Year 6 to be getting on with and if they wish to express their creative side and break out the Sharpies, I've attached a pdf for your use.  It'd be great to see what the children can make - send a photo via email or Tweet it.  House points for the best designs!!


Thanks for your patience at this time.





We will be emailing on a weekly basis to update you on the work we plan for the class. This will give an overview of the themes covered and may also include links for your child to look at.


We will also monitor work on Purple Mash and give feedback where this facility is available.


While we are happy for you to email back if you have a question or query it may not always be possible to respond within the same day as we are working on a rota system to teach those pupils still attending school.


If we are unable to answer a question or feel that the email is not appropriate we may forward this on to Senior leaders in school  to provide a response.


In addition: If you work with Maria our Learning Mentor/Well-being practitioner, she will be contracting you via phone, email or letter over the next few weeks- just to check in and say a friendly 'Hello' helping support children and families through what may be anxious and uncertain times.