Dates and Info for your Diary

Fri, 10/24/2014

A list of upcoming points and actions for FOP to discuss and take part in.

1. Christmas Fair (11.12.14) this is a Thursday and will be 3.30 until 6.30. It is 3 hours long so we can catch everyone picking up and it’s on late enough for some working parents. We thought this plan was better than having a Saturday event, as weekends in the lead up to Xmas are usually manic for everyone…

2. Summer Fair (13.6.15)

3. suggested Eid party (20.7.15)

4. Paul will set dates for class based events, the theme of which would be agreed later. Class reps would arrange these events in consultation with class teachers

5. The suggested ‘Coin Race’ will be the week beginning the 18th May? (it should fall after the last round of SATS for Y6) – this event is as yet not attached to any one class.

6. FofP are setting up a sub-committee to look at grants and other fund raising opportunities and will be supported by Paul and Mel.

7. FofP will set a ‘trip budget’ for each class during our next meeting which will be paid into the school fund and classes will be expected to use this up over the course of the year. The office will report, termly, upon this usage and ensure that non-spending classes are chased up.

8. FofP will discuss other uses for fundraising, including possible contributions towards each class having their own pet.

9. Go to person for FoP to be PW, but can also be JW or Mel

10. School will investigate the possibility of creating a designated home school liaison post (similar to Tower Hamlets model?)

11. Storage. FoP will have an allocated storage space for resources in the autumn term

12. Homework. All completed homework will be acknowledged. Once a month, homework will be marked in depth. Handed in homework will be recorded on a class chart (displayed in windows) and children who hand in all HW will receive an agreed treat (decided within classes). Homework books/ folders will be set up to store all homework neatly and consistently. A timetable slot will be put aside in all classes to explain homework and allow time to stick it into books.

13. New toys will be purchased for the playground

14. Work will begin to remove the screens in the playground to free up space. Some of the benches will remain in place.

15. PW & JW will look at the Y1/Y2 dividing wall.

16. School will continue to place toilet replacement on the agenda with HLT for capital expenditure

17. School will ensure that the water fountains are regularly cleaned and replaced as soon as possible (budget allowing)

18. FoP to invite some parents to offer to create murals/ painting inside toilets to make them a more pleasant environment

19. FoP working with Sal (governor) to create a parent handbook