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UPDATE 17/07/2020

Dear Families,


At last, we have reached the end of this difficult year. Our families have been tested by these ongoing severe circumstances and have endured admirably. On behalf of the staff at Parkwood, I would like to express our thanks both for your patient understanding and for the energy and creativity shown in supporting your children’s learning; we realise that, while we have been setting and marking learning tasks, without your commitment and support the learning could not have happened. We are very grateful.

Looking forward to our September restart, we appreciate that families may be apprehensive and so we are striving to establish new routines (listed below) to keep our community safe and well. Please read these carefully, and feel free to ask questions or raise concerns, or if you have suggestions you would like to share:

  • To begin with we will welcome back classes in small groups for limited periods of time. This is to ensure that our children become sufficiently familiar with the school and classroom routines that will help to prevent virus transmission. The process will start from Monday 7th September in line with the timetable below. You will be informed as to the exact days that your children will come in, by class teachers by Friday 4th September.


  • The opening times for classrooms will be extended. Children from Reception, Y2, Y4 and Y6 should arrive between 8:45 and 9:00am; those from Y1, Y3 and Y5 should arrive between 9:00 and 9:15am. Children will be released between 3:00 and 3:15pm (Rec, Y2, 4 & 6) and 3:15-3:30pm (Y1,3,5). This is to give families more space to maintain social distancing; for the same reason, we ask families not to congregate at the gates or in the playground before and after dropping off and picking up children.


  • To allow for safe social distancing, the school has been operating a one-way system whereby, at dropping off and picking up times, families move around the school in a clockwise direction, arriving by the upper playground gate and leaving by the gate opposite the office. This has been working well this term, but with very small numbers of children: we will ask for attentive cooperation from our families next term as we endeavour to scale this up for the whole school. Parents can assist in this by dropping off and picking up efficiently; teachers will assist by helping children to be ready to leave on time.


  • At Parkwood we have always sought to maintain relaxed and cordial communication with our families. In the past this has meant responding to enquiries and comments in an informal manner in person. For the moment this will be very difficult to achieve and we ask that as many enquiries as possible are made either by email or by telephone. If you need to meet with a member of staff, please contact us to arrange a safe time and place for an appointment.


  • To reduce the possibilities for object-to-object transmission, we are asking parents to limit the items that children bring to school. Children should bring no more than one bag which should contain only a change of clothes for PE, a water bottle and break time piece of fruit and their packed lunch as appropriate. Children may also bring hand sanitiser and necessary medical items. We are asking that parents do not leave bikes or scooters at school.


  • We know that some of our families may have experienced very different lockdown periods and that some children may need time to process the events of the last few months. This has influenced our decision to implement a gradual start to the year and has prompted us to develop a PSHE-led curriculum for the Autumn term. This curriculum will allow opportunities to reflect on our shared and individual experiences, and to encourage an optimism for the future. Pupils will be encouraged to listen and work collaboratively, and to focus upon kind, supportive behaviours. Of course, our commitment to providing a rigorous, broad curriculum will remain undiminished.





Y1 & Y2

Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6

7-11 September

Individual meetings

Half-classes alternate

Until lunchtime

Monday, Wednesday and Friday


Tuesday am, Thursday am and Friday pm

Staggered return: Half-classes alternate


Monday or Tuesday until lunch only

Staggered return:

Half-classes alternate



Full return by Friday

14 – 18 September

Staggered return


Monday or Tuesday morning only

Wednesday or Thursday

Until 2:00pm

Friday Whole class

Until 2:00pm

Staggered return: Half-classes


Full return by Friday


Full week

21 – 25 September

Staggered return

Staggered return: Half-classes; whole days

Full return by Friday


Full week


Full week


28 September


As normal

As normal

As normal

As normal





















Classes will return on a staggered basis for the whole school to establish COVID-appropriate routines


Clearly, the situation remains changeable and we will keep our plans under constant review. In the event of a local lockdown, we will draw upon our recent experiences to find ways to develop support for our community and to consult more widely with parents to tailor our online learning provision. We aim to get school dinners up and running for the first week back, but accept that clubs and breakfast club will take a little longer. We will communicate any adjustments and will confirm arrangements by 4th September. Meanwhile, feel free to contact us at:

I hope that you and your families stay safe and well, and have a great summer.


Jim Williamson

Acting Head Teacher