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If you need to contact school out of these hours please email 

Key/Critical Workers: We are able to offer places at school for those pupils classed as vulnerable, and children of key workers. If you feel your child fits either of these categories please contact the office on the above details.

UPDATE 22/05/2020

 Dear Families,


I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I understand your anxiety around the current situation, and of the coming few weeks. I hope to reassure families of our plans moving forward and realise I will not have all of the answers to your questions.


The government announced that schools were to re-open to some year groups from June 1st. This was dependent on a number of factors, on May 28th we will have confirmation on whether this will go ahead. I would also like to point out that schools have not closed and, in fact were open for the Easter holidays for those pupils who required it, therefore, rather than re-opening we would be looking to expand the current numbers attending school.


Following two weeks of intensive planning and identifying a number of complexities around expansion, if the government state that schools should open from June 1st we will not be expanding to the specified year groups on this date.


We have however, put together a number of plans to be able to expand the school to pupils over a number of weeks. This will ensure that the plans we have made are able to be implemented in safe and managed way. These plans would look to open the school to Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 – as specified by the government.


Unfortunately there are no plans to expand this to Year 2, 3, 4 or 5 despite the government indicating an ambition to be able to have these year groups attend school before the end of the academic year. I am clear that this is not a feasible ambition and as such, unless there is major progress, I am not planning for these year groups to return before September.


I know that this will be disappointing for all pupils in these year groups. It is important therefore, that these pupils continue to access and interact with the home learning on offer. This will continue and develop over the course of the rest of the year.


Returning Year groups


We held a staff INSET today to share our plans if the government confirmed expansion. This was a productive day, and all members of staff engaged positively in discussions. Once the government confirms the start date for selected year groups we would look to put our plans in place.


These would start by introducing Nursery class. We have chosen Nursery as we have a self-contained classroom with outdoor space and a small cohort. We would be able to distance this group from the rest of the school and provide lunches in the Nursery classroom.


Year 6 would be the next year group to come into school. As the oldest pupils they have an understanding of what is happening and why we have to change what we do in school, we feel they would be able to follow the new routines easier than other year groups and allow those pupils in year 6 to have the longest amount of time to help with transition from Parkwood to secondary school.


Year 1 would start after year 6 and would do this though a staggered approach. We would have very small groups of children attending over a number of days to allow them to orientate and adjust.


Reception class would be the final class to start. They would also have a staggered approach to orientation.


I am unable to include details of timescales at present. This is not only subject to government confirmation but also dependent on a range of measures being in place at school. Once we have this confirmation and we feel we have the measures in place I will be writing to each year group in turn (N, 6, 1, R) with the details of the return to school, including groupings, who the teachers of each group will be and expectations of those who will attend.


In addition to this our Leaves class  those pupils who have been attending throughout - will continue as normal. There will be some slight changes to the routines involving this class as our plans progress, these will be shared with the relevant parents.


To reduce the risk posed to children and staff intending to start back at school we plan to carry out the following actions (I want to point out that it is not possible to eradicate all risk - we have carefully risk assessed our procedures in school to ensure that any risk is reduced to the absolute minimum).


Plans to ensure social distancing

  • Year groups will be split into hubs - these will have a maximum of 12 pupils in each group.
  • This ensures that the 2m distance is able to be maintained within each classroom.
  • This will mean that there will be a maximum of 24 places for each year group. We will contact parents individually about their intention to attend school nearer the start date of each year group.
  • We are not expecting a full uptake of places, therefore 24 places at present seems achievable. If the uptake is higher than 24 we will reassess our options for this.
  •  Each hub will be self-sufficient and not mix with any other groups within school. This includes playtimes and lunchtimes.
  • Each child will have a specific desk and a tray with the resources they need for leaning - these will not be shared.
  • - Reception and Nursery will not have a tray of resources as they will have play based learning.
  • - Children will not be able to bring in any personal items such as stationery/bags/scooters/bikes
  • - Reading books will remain in school, in a child's tray.
  • All soft furnishings and unnecessary items will be removed from the classrooms. This allows more space for children and reduces the number of surfaces that need cleaning.
  • Each class will have 1 teacher and most classes will have a teaching assistant. In most instances these adults will only work with 1 hub.
  • We have set up a 1 way system in school to prevent adults or children from passing one another. On the whole children will not be moving around the school.
  • We plan to have school open during 9.15-3pm. We would have a 30 minute window for pupils to arrive, using a one way system to drop off and pick up. We have the capacity for classes to be in school 5 days a week.
  • We will not be able to offer breakfast club or clubs after school. The hours will be limited to 9.15-3.30 (with a 30minute window for drop off/pick up)
  • Parents will not be able to access the school building, communication with the office/staff will be through phone calls and email.
  • Assemblies will continue as they are now - these will be virtual and pupils in school and at home will be able to watch.


Plans for Cleaning, Hygiene and PPE

  • Cleaning will take place thoroughly at the end of each day. We have closed a number of rooms in school to allow a greater focus on deep cleaning for those rooms that are used.
  • Throughout the day cleaning of door handles, high traffic areas and surfaces will take place.
  • Handwashing will be practised on a regular basis for everyone attending school - on entry, before eating, after eating, before and after playtimes, before and after using the toilet, as well as at other times.
  • All early years equipment will be cleaned at the end of the day (and not shared with any other hub)
  • Each class will have disinfectant and wipes to ensure spot cleaning can take place as needed
  • Each class will have a pedal bin to ensure tissues and PPE can be disposed of safely
  • PPE is not required for general use within the classes. PPE will be provided in the case of specific instances, such as medical needs or if an adult needs to be in close contact with a child. Training will be provided to staff on the safe use of PPE.
  • All advice states that children should not wear PPE in schools as they are unable to manage this unaided, or in a safe way.


Curriculum and Learning

  •  Online learning for all pupils at home will continue.
  •  The curriculum offer will initially be limited - this is to allow for children to settle into a new routine as well as allowing time to be spent on children's wellbeing. As classes settle into their new routine teachers and senior leaders will plan to extend the curriculum offer for pupils.
  • Pupils in school will follow a schedule incorporating maths, English and theme learning. Initially there will be no practical activities such as art/science, however once this has been risk assessed and is felt to be safe we will be able to offer this to children.
  • We will look to ensure transition for those pupils in year 6.
  • We will also look at developing collaborative learning for pupils in school and at home.


I realise that this is a lot of information, however I hope that this sets out our position and plans moving forward. As we have more information regarding a timeline for the return of pupils, this and further detail will be shared with relevant families.

 In addition to this information we had a fantastic response to the survey earlier this week. Below I have included questions not covered above with a brief answer.

 I hope you are able to keep safe and well over the half term period and look forward to seeing you in the future.


Many Thanks

Paul Thomas




Parent questions

 Are children going to receive lunch at school or parents will have to give lunch boxes?

A hot lunch will be provided. A risk assessment for the kitchen has been undertaken and we are Covid-secure. If a child wishes to bring a packed lunch instead they will be able to do this.

Will the kids be expected to wear face mask and gloves at school?

No - children will not be able to wear PPE - this is not practical or safe as it will increase risk to the child and others in class.

Can the school check kids temperature in the morning so any child with a temperature will be asked to return back home with their parent/guardian?

Daily checks will take place for also staff and pupils. If required staff and pupils will be sent home for 14 days self-isolation.

Is attending compulsory?

No - it is a parents personal choice whether their child attends. We will support all parents in their decision and ask that all parents are able to respect the decision other make.

If any staff or parents let school know that are Covid positive how will you deal with it?

If any families do test positive for Covid they must report this to the school. We have a set of procedures for class and school closure and deep cleaning if this occurs, this will be supported by HLT.

How will outdoor play be planned?

Climbing frames and shared resources will not be used. Hubs will have a small set of play equipment they can use for playtime, these will not be shared with other hubs. These will be regularly cleaned.

 How are you planning to ensure these 4 to 5 year old maintain social distance?

This is the most difficult age group to socially distance; this is something the government recognise. We will have small groups within class, lots of outdoor play and resources will be regularly cleaned. We will ensure regular handwashing takes place and repeat how to play safe regularly.

Will they kids not put me at further risk as I am already shielding due to my medical condition?

If you are shielding we would not recommend your child attending school.

What will happen if my child becomes upset and needs comforting?

We will be able to comfort a child - however this will be through talking to them. Adults have to keep their distance from children. This will be difficult for all adults as this is counter intuitive to all of us who work in school. We recognise, however that this is the only way to reduce risk to children and staff.

When will the other years be coming back?

We do not know this - very unlikely before September

 What is the scientific and medical basis for reopening schools now, and with these specific year groups?

We are following the evidence and guidance published by the DfE.

 What if the class does not reach the number ? Would you go ahead ?

If there were 3/4 children in a hub this would continue to run.

 Can children do half a day? Can days/ times be altered?

To reduce mixing we would only be able to offer full time places (except for Nursery).

 My child has a vulnerable sibling - what does that mean for us?

We would recommend that your children do not return to school.

 My child falls outside of these years but my role is close to a key worker position, can I apply at all for a few days?

All key worker parents are able to be offered a place at school. After the half term please contact the school office with proof that you are a key worker and we will be able to confirm a place for you. See government guidance on who a key worker is. This list has not changed.

 What (covid or antibody) tests are available to staff, children and families?

The government offer a test for Covid for staff. If staff are exhibiting symptoms they are able to apply for a test - they will not be able to come into school for 14 days, until their symptoms stop or if they test negative for Covid.

 If my child has received a letter from the NHS because of an underlying condition. How will this be managed and is it compulsory for them to attend school?

We would recommend that your child does not attend school.

How will support TA be tested when the class teachers are absent?

If teachers are absent the hub will close until the teacher returns. Parents will be informed at the earliest possible opportunity.

Will summer term holidays remain the same?


Will you have plans in place for special needs children, who will be out of routine?

Yes. Iolanda will be in contact with parents of those pupils who plan to return. We would carry our an individual risk assessment and put a planned return in place.





Please click on the 'News' tab to see weekly updates from class teachers and advice on how to support your child with learning


Purple Mash

If you want to find out about other things you can do with Purple Mash we have some Webinars to help with ideas for home learning:

Parent Webinar: Writing and storytelling Wednesday May 6th, 9 - 9:30am

Parent Webinar: Keep up with Maths skills  Thursday 14th May, 9 - 9:30am


 Online Learning

Our website currently details links for home learning, including resources to support basic maths skills (maths passports) and Purple Mash, our online learning resource.

The link for this page can be found here:

Also click on the 'News' tab to see ideas for home learning for each class. These are updated each week and come from each class teacher.

The main method of online home learning will be through Purple Mash (link on website), pupils will be given or sent their login and passwords.

Teachers will be using Purple Mash to upload and review learning activities on a daily basis. These activities will link to English, Maths and Theme based subjects and can be completed in one session or over a number of days. Teachers will be able to view and comment on some of the children's learning and will also monitor the use of Purple Mash.

Teachers will also be sending a weekly group email to parents to outline planned learning.


 Another online resource that we as teachers use is twinkl. They are offering a free subscription for parents. Simply click on the link and use the code below to access this. and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

This site also has a parent's hub, this can be found here:

All of these resources are available either on desktop computers, laptops or tablets.

We understand that some families will not have access to online learning, therefore if you contact the office on we are able to provide some packs for learning, however these will be limited to those who do not have access to computers/laptops/tablets.


Expectations of Home Learning

We continue to expect that pupils all read everyday, this should be with an adult

  • Pupils should also continue to practise their maths skills using the maths passports
  • We strongly recommend that pupils spend no more than 1 hour on console games a day
  • We also recommend that children continue to have a daily routine; this will support with learning and also behaviour management at home. Below we have outlined suggestions for a daily routine. This could run broadly in line with the current school day, 9am – 3pm



Play based learning - role play, plasticine/salt dough.

Daily reading - 2/3 picture books through the day - repetition is good

Puzzles and games

Imaginative play - this would be with toys or objects

Drawing/colouring - this will help with hand strength

It would be good if parents could keep a record of activities completed - parents can also use tapestry to share children's learning.



Purple Mash activities in the morning

Reading 2/3 picture books through the day - repetition is good

Maths passport practise 15 minutes

Puzzles and games

Imaginative play - this would be with toys or objects

Drawing/colouring - this will help with hand strength




Purple Mash activities in the morning

Reading for minimum of 30 minutes (together with an adult and reading to an adult) - see home learning guidelines for each year group

Practise maths passports 20 minutes a day

Write a diary or other text - this could be a fictional diary, it could also be illustrated.

Play is also important for older children. This should not be online or computer based. Imaginative play with siblings, jigsaws, board games or puzzles are good examples.

Build a model - Lego or from junk/recycling (clean and safe items)



Other activities important to support learning:

Cooking  - understanding about food, measures and following recipes

Telling the time - link to your daily schedule



Please note as part of our duty for safeguarding parents should ensure that they supervise any online activity at all times;  ensuring children are on age appropriate sites and that they understand about how to be safe online. Advice for parents can be found on the school website here:


As the situation continues to develop we will regularly update families, please ensure that the school office have an up to date phone number and email.

Many thanks and we look forward to welcoming all families back to Parkwood in the future.


Paul Thomas