Extra-Curricular Activities

At Parkwood we believe children’s learning does not stop at the school gate and learning in school should not be confined by the limits of the curriculum. 

At Parkwood, we offer a wide variety of opportunities for children to extend their understanding of the world and meet with success both in and out of school.


Our school garden offers children a chance to grow a huge range of fruit, vegetable and other plants, with a large annual strawberry and tomato crop, being joined by grapes, pears, plums and apples, we can eat what we grow too. Children learn how to look after plants, where they grow best, when to harvest different crops and what sort of mini-beasts to encourage  or keep away from. All children have sessions in the garden, as well as the chance to join our gardening club. With our own school gardener to turn to, we are always looking to expand the range and offer more to the children.

Forest School

Our nursery-based forest school, also grows some of its own plants, as well as being home to chickens, guinea pigs and rabbits. Children from across the school, but especially in early years, are invited to interact with the animals, learn how to look after them and find out how animals live and behave. We also hosts annual visits from the Dogs’ Trust and animal conservation charities to introduce us to some of the animals that we can’t keep in school.


We have a number of school sports clubs and extended school activities which include football clubs, a cycling team, karate, ballet, coding, drama, story telling and many others. We also offer music tuition in recorder, guitar and brass instruments. Some of our clubs also go out of school to compete against other teams or show off their work at shows and concerts.

Let's excel!

We really want every child to find the area in which they are the most successful and we work hard to celebrate everyone’s talent. We are also open to new ideas and offers from parents and other community members. Parkwood is always looking to try something new!