FOP meeting minutes

Wed, 01/21/2015

Website, Christmas fair feedback, family food fair, class events and reps, fundraising

Present: Kai, Karen, Laura, Joanna, Gabriela, Halina, Liz, Gosia, Kohsaku, Danica, Ben, Tanya

Apologies: Layla, Jo, Hannah

1. Website

FoP information should focus on minutes of current meeting, up-coming events, constitution and class reps.  

2. Xmas Fair best and worst

Quite chaotic at the beginning, confusion about entry and people coming in through the classrooms.
Some people didn't know there was a Santa, this might need to be in a room off the hall next time, set up was also confusing and who was around to do what,
Food was a bit disjointed, soup was unsold, but more of other food could have been sold.
We need to involve the teachers more and invite them to do things if they would like to.
Overcrowding was a complaint, but there’s little we can do about this.
More activities outside would be good, but unsure about weather
Seating for food would have been good.
Gazebo was a bit big and dark inside for the face painters.
Leaflet beforehand about what you can buy, and how it will work.
Overall Christmas Fair was great and well received. We made over £900 and another £400 on Frozen day.

3. Family food fair -19th March

How do we get more people to make food? Does it matter that the same people are making food.  
Idea is to sell a plate to adult/ child and then volunteers get free food.
Then to move on to the AGM after this.
Volunteers to make food - we could make this into a recipe book or a calendar
Hua - spring rolls, chicken fried rice
Kohsaku - sushi
Halina –pavlova & fairy bread
Liz -
Danica -lamingtons
‘Eat from around the world’ for £4 adult and £2 child.
This would be excluding cakes/desserts which are sold separately.
Who can set up from 1.30pm? Danica, Halina, Liz, Laura, Hua, Gosia, Kohsaku, Karen volunteered for this.

Problem with people noticing the posters and information. Do we need to put it in a different place. Maybe by the smelly room.
We need to have a fundraising total too and information about class events.

ACTION: Halina and Liz to discuss noticeboard with Paul Wade

Halina and Liz to attend staff meeting on 10th Feb to invite the teachers and ask who would like to be involved and see what teachers can do in class to promote the event and support decoration/set up.

4. Class events

Update on year 3 and 5 events and funds – year 3 raised £150 with a stone age cake sale, year 5 raised over £230 with a jumble sale. The parents really responded well to being asked to contribute, Doug linked the fundraiser to homework tasks which was a good way to get parents to read the information.
Year 1 doing raffle and cake sale on 29th January. Also salt dough heart shapes which will be sold and heart biscuits and cakes on the day.
Selling raffle tickets in the playground. Prize is a whole class cooking session in pizza express.
Raffle Draw will be on the week after at Friday assembly.
Nursery - request for more money from the fund as there are more children in nursery. Agreed.
Year 2 thinking about doing sponsored reading event

Class reps
We got email addresses from the parents evening. Sign in the year 2 class window looks good, but no response from this.
Could we do a session on the computing curriculum for parents? Danica is taking to Paul Wade about this. Sessions for parents could be offered.

5. Fundraising

Liz updated on easy fundraising and stamps and coins. These are easy ways to raise money which everyone can be involved in and have no additional cost.
Suggestion to do a competition for each class e.g. how many stamps/coins can you gather?

Would be good to have another meeting after school before the event, otherwise AGM is next meeting on 19th March.