FOP meeting minutes

Tue, 05/20/2014

Main topic; Our next event is the Summer Fair, we have discussed stalls, dates and class rep responsibilities. We have also had updates from class reps for this term so far.

Present: Liz Alsford, Halina High, Laura Prikken, John Larson, Kay-Egil Hauan, Claudine Rausch,Layla Shalal, , Kaori Sgabe

Apologies: , Karen Willey, Beth Hunt

  1. Summer Fair date and Organisation

Date set previously with Jim for Saturday 21st June.

Choice of date was due to Ramadan falling at end of June/July and Saturday generally felt to be the best date. Fliers went out with wrong date initially, but a new flier has gone out today with date change. Apologies for this.

Many ideas discussed for the day – main issue is to get enough parents to commit to running and organising a stall. Idea is to use the football pitch and possibly the playground and hope for good weather. Hall is possible if the weather is really bad.

Discussion about tidying up, rubbish bins

Gazebos – Liz and Halina have one and we can rent a big one from Laura’s housing group for £10.

We need to establish which toilets we can use, and how many chairs, tables etc we have access to.

Bar-B-Qs also need to be sourced locally

Tickets/Tokens would be best to use as payment for games

Need to check with the school about leafleting the local area and anyone who might complain about noise on the weekend.

Stalls discussed:

  • Ice cream and ice lollies

  • Cakes and sweets

  • Henna/Face painting/tattoos

  • Games and activities for the children

  • Dads in goal football competition

  • Selling tokens/tickets - ? on the gate

  • Balloons?

  • Throw the sponge at a teacher

  • Bar-B-Qs

  • Other local businesses paying for use of a table

  • Community police

  • Parkwood stage?

  • Dressing up competition

  • 2nd hand clothes stall

  • Toys and books stall

  • Gardening stall

  • Safari house pete?

  • Raffle/tombola

Class reps need to speak with people about the fair and find additional interested parents/carers who are willing to help.

Text to parents needed about bringing in things to sell.

  1. Update on bank account and PTA status

Liz is in process of setting up bank account. Need to fill out the paperwork then we can apply for charitable status.

  1. Class rep and teacher liaison news

Year R – info was sent around via email and copy printed for parents

Year 1 – chat with Andrea has happened and they have sent out info by email only. They are getting some more emails gradually from people. Info about assembly presentations is difficult to get.

Year 2 – no meeting yet, hopefully after half term

Nursery – meeting with Lara and newsletter given out by email and letter. Lara wanting support from parents for trips

It was felt that information about teachers for next year would be helpful asap – need to discuss with Jim.

Parent from year 1 has asked about group holiday options – to ask her for further information and feed back to meeting via class rep.

  1. Discussion about general information sharing and communication within the group.

Some wanted all emails while others did not. Layla to look into setting up a forum where we can communicate with each other.

  1. Plan:

  • Halina/Liz to meet with Jim to discuss practicalities for Summer Fair and teacher information for next year

  • Layla to investigate online forum

  • All to talk with parents about helping with the Fair

  • Need to discuss further about Grant applications once charitable status is gained

  1. Next meeting before Summer Fair