FOP meeting minutes

Mon, 10/13/2014

FOP secretary, parent's evenings, volunteering, sharing of funds, translation of information, Christmas fair, FOP logo, grants commitee and more!

Present: Kai, Halina, Liz, Yuka, Layla, Gabriella, Gosia, Joanna, Sonja, Paul Wade
Apologies: Danica, Karen, John, Greg, Bingul, Fiametta, Hannah, Gillian, Miszel, Laura, Tanya, Claudine

1. Secretary Vacancy

Liz is currently acting as secretary and treasurer. We need someone to volunteer for this role.
Discussion included taking minutes being rotated and PW offered space on the server. Long term it would be good to have several elected committee members who could support us with sub groups according to the constitution. The constitution is important to ensure we are regulated, particularly financially.
Action: All to consider whether they can take on this role, Liz to put together document to make it clear what the role entails

2. Parents evenings

We would like to have a presence at these in November Tues 3.30-5, Thurs 5-7pm. Parents will be coming into school to see teachers and we can provide tea and coffee to prents for free and this gives an opportunity to talk about FOP and encourage people to take an active role.
Layla can offer some time Tuesday 3.30-4, Halina on the Tuesday. Liz and Gosia on the Thursday.
Action:All to offer any availability to Halina

3. General discussion about encouraging people to join in and give time, even if it's just a little bit. Put agenda in the newsletter and minutes available on the website. Discussion about culture of parents associations in schools in other countries.

4. Sharing of funds for the classes.

We have £1,500 from events last year to share out. Suggestions from the children are to spend on class pets or trips.
Where a class has a pet, they could spend the money on new cages/home for the pet.
Paul Wade reported that ongoing costs and care of the pets would be the responsibility of the school and teacher. Class fundraiser money should go to each class.                                                                                                                  Action: Ask the children to decide what to spend the money on in each class. Each class rep to go into the classroom and plan with teacher how to offer children a choice of what to spend it on. Give £175 per class to retain some for costs before the Christmas Fair. Halina to canvass Year 6 and Liz to do year 4.

5. Translation of information into community languages. There are people willing to help parents who don't speak English. We need to think about what the sentence should say at the bottom of the letters.                                                                                                             Action: Paul Wade and Liz to think about wording at the end of school letters and FOP info
6. Christmas Fair: Thursday 11th December 3.30-7pm

This is the big event this term. Discussion about stalls
Hot dogs- chicken and pork sausages?
Raffle - need to ask community businesses for prizes. Possibility to sell these in advance and get them printed.
Volunteer committee is Gosia, Layla, Halina, Liz and Iwona

7. FOP logo

We should create a logo in order to make it clearer what is FOP and what is Parkwood school. Suggested to include the tree from the school logo and then add some joined hands around the edge.

Action: Halina to discuss with Karen

8. Grants committee

Some interest from people not present tonight. (Tanya and Claudine)
Redmond Centre is keen to support us with getting appropriate grants.
They have been set up around Woodbury Down estate due to the level of need in the community and we form part of their area as they needed to be supporting 10,000 people.
Manor House PACT is also part of this organisation. He can direct us towards grants for outings for children and parents or larger things like the football pitch or solar panels.

We have charity status application in and need this in order to apply for grants

9. Vegetable stall is in need of more volunteers. Can we please promote this to the parents via class rep info. Needs promoting to the nursery too.

10. Class reps could organise a social event in each class.

11. Look out for the year 3 class fundraiser Thursday 23rd October – stone age cupcake sale

Next class fundraiser is Year 5 for November

Following this:

Jan – Y1

Feb – YN

Mar – Y2

Apr – YR

May – Y4

July – Y6

Next meeting: sub committees, then another FOP meeting in November before the Christmas Fair.