FOP meeting minutes

Thu, 04/23/2015

An overview of our successes, challenges and what the future has to offer! We look into the latest ideas FOP has come up with and discuss upcoming events.

Attended by: Halina (chair), Liz (treasurer), Laura (secretary, minutes), Dee, Gabriela, Danica, Kohsaku,Hayder, Joanna. Apologies: Paul Wade, Kay-Egil, Gosia D, Karen and John

1. Review of voted-in FoP positions

Thursday 19th March saw our International evening and first Annual General Meeting (AGM). As the AGM came at the end of the event in the busy hall, we once more discussed the voting process which included Halina and Liz re-elected in their respective positions of chair and treasurer and Laura elected as secretary. At the meeting all present agreed with the elected positions and these will remain in place until the next AGM.

2. FoP successes and challenges from the past year


- joining PTA UK, (national charity that provides support, guidance and practical resources to PTAs across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. PTA UK’s vision is for every school to have the benefit of a successful and supportive PTA to enhance the education and futures of all our children.)

- becoming a registered charity

- attaining a raffle license

- improved partnership working with school staff

- dedicated noticeboards raising the profile of FoP and informing parents about FoP ( Action: nursery could do with copies of notices at their entrance; for nursery reps?)

- new website: have a look at the new and improved Parkwood website and direct link to FoP here:

- joined ‘easyfundraising’ which has raised over £100 (Action: use following link to sign up to fundraise for free through your online shopping or by activities such as completing surveys

- school events/ fundraisers, and as a result of those trips/ resources to the children

- lending library (Action: needs labels and more promoting)

Challenges, past and future

- FoP communication different ways: e-mails; posters; word of mouth etc (Action: collect more e-mail addresses from parents; ask in survey Laura? Halina?)

- Grants! What to apply for and who can follow it through? Renovation of sports pitch as ultimate goal, to be integrated with Paul Wade’s vision for whole playground. (example of quote for new pitch: £25,000). See also discussion on playground grant further on.

- involvement in looking at energy efficient school, ultimately Parkwood could benefit from installation of solar panels to be able to generate electricity and also offset surplus to the national grid

- IT provision: making the most of what is available in terms of hard- and software; increasing resources and increasing teacher IT competencies (Action: Danica to give an introduction of Purple Mash to parents?)

- allocating/ delegating of tasks: few people in FoP now often do a lot of tasks and a ongoing challenge is to encourage Parkwood friends to volunteer for different tasks, big or small

3. Questionnaire for parents: what/how/who/when?

We would like to conduct a survey of opinions on FoP work past and future to guide next steps (Action: Laura to draft using surveymonkey, paper version too?) Liz suggested this could perhaps be an activity for yr 5 and yr 6 (after SATs) as they may receive a better response from parents

4. Community Matters Notice Board outside the school office for personal ads (sell/swap/buy) and to promote tradespeople attached to the school eg babysitter, French tutor, plumber, decorator, swim teacher, dress-maker etc

Please contribute any thoughts/ ideas on this! Useful? What to include?

5. Inspiring Children Project – Hayder

Hayder presented his project proposal followed by a discussion. Attached is the proposal. Overall this was well received but there were some questions surrounding the feasibility and scale of project at this point in time. Some of the suggestions for next steps are to discuss with Paul Wade and the science lead (yr 6 teacher Andrew?); to share with more parents to identify potential volunteers; to run a science stall at the summer fair; to run an activity to coincide with bigger event such as Science week.

6. Summer Fair ideas + finalising prizes for raffle

Our next summer fair will be held on Saturday 13th June from 12 to 3pm

Please have a look at the plan for the summer fair so far and have a think if you could help with preparations or on the day, or have any ideas to contribute.

- Raffle: some prizes are already confirmed (£50 multi-store gift card; Clissold leisure centre membership; Arsenal signed team photograph; Cremeria Vienna voucher; Wholefoods voucher; Nando’s voucher). We will send out a template donation letter shortly to use when approaching businesses to ask for a donation. It was agreed raffle tickets will cost £1 each and each child will receive 5 tickets to sell to family/ friends but we want to stress no one should feel under pressure to sell all tickets. (Action: approach (local) businesses to ask for donation to summer fair using letter)

- Promoting fair: approach estate agent (Michael Morris) to ask if we can get sponsored signs (Action: Dee?)

Stall ideas:

- Food & drinks: BBQ (food to be bought/ donated, need volunteers at BBQ on the day); ice-cream stall; drinks stall; cakes stall

- Face painting; henna; tattoos

- Arts/ crafts: some ideas mentioned were: loombands; badge making; sketch/ portrait artist

- Book stall

- Tombola

- Lucky dip

- Sponge throwing

- Games

- Stalls by (local) businesses: bike doctor? Beauty/ nail therapist? Pottery?

7. Playground grants – Liz

Ultimately a school-wide goal is to raise enough money to improve the sports pitch/ playground. Class fundraisers this year have been successful and some have raised significantly more than others. It was discussed that perhaps a target should be introduced for each class to raise to be able to use towards a trip/ resource/ activity and that any money raised over this could go towards the whole school fund to work towards the playground target. Perhaps some classes could also join together when planning a trip to share costs? To be continued.

8. Any other business

Next meeting to be scheduled.


Please check if you have received a ‘Wiggio’ invite from Hayder Aziz and use this to sign up to be able to share a calendar for Friends of Parkwood events/ meetings and conversations.

Comments/ suggestions/ corrections? Please let one of us know!