Parkwood News 4th November 2016

Friday, November 4, 2016

The School Day

The school day starts at 08:45. This means children need to be in school BEFORE 08:45 in order to make the most of their learning. If your child walks to school on their own, make sure they leave with plenty of time to get to school; and remind them to hurry!


Forest School Help

Thank you very much to those parents who came along to help with forest school preparations during the half term. We still need more help to ensure that Parkwood Forest School becomes  a national leader in terms of standards for younger children.


Parents Evening Next Week

Our Autumn term parents evenings will take place Tuesday  8th and Thursday 10th September. Please remember to come into school via the main entrance so that you can enjoy tea and snacks provided by FoP. Outside classroom doors will be closed. If you are unable to make either of these dates, please see you child’s teacher to book another date.


FOP News

Your child's personally designed card - Christmas or New Year design: you should all now have received the card design,  please make sure you complete your order form as soon as possible but in any case by Monday 14th November. All proceeds go to FOP funds and are used to support the children's learning.

Next week Tuesday 8th and Thursday 10th November there will be parents evenings and while you wait in the hall Friends of Parkwood will provide you with tea/coffee. You will have a chance to hear more about upcoming plans,  especially the Christmas fair (Thu 8th December, after school) and how you can help make it a success again! 

If you're booking holidays or doing early Christmas shopping online please remember to shop through easy fundraising to raise free funds for the school, follow this link:


Thank you! Liz, Laura and Halina (

Upcoming Trips:

November:  9th Y1 Museum of London, 11th Cycle Team Hackney Downs, 17th Y6 Museum of London 25 Y4,5,6 Cinema

Next assembly  — Reception, Y2, Y4, Y6


YR     97.9%

Y1     95.2%

Y2     97.2%

Y3     98.4%

Y4    97.1% 

Y5    98.7%

Y6    92.7%

Overall  96.7%

 Well Done to Year 5!