Newsletter 21st December 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The School Day

We return to school on Wednesday 4th January. Please ensure that your child is here BEFORE 08:45. The school gates are open from 08:30 so there is no reason to be late. Late arrivals disrupt the learning of your child and others. Please be respectful of our school day.


Mery Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year

No matter how you celebrate the festive season, I wish you all a pleasant and relaxing (as much as possible) holiday. Enjoy your children’s company and keep them well fed, warm and happy—ready to bounce back into school for the Spring term, full of learning energy.


Parties and End of Term

We had a successful and enjoyable Christmas party week. I was impressed by the increasing amount of healthy party food that you all sent in. Eventually even Y6 might get the healthy eating message.



Please remember there will be No clubs in the first three days back. They will begin again from the 9th January onwards. Some clubs may also start later in the term, depending on numbers of pupil and the people running the provision. Look out for club letters when we return.


Upcoming Trips:

January: 12th Y5 Ice Skating, Y6 Hackney Young Citizens 26th Y1 National Gallery

February: 1st Y6 Working Life, 2nd Y2 National Gallery,  9th Y4 National Gallery,  22nd Y5 National Gallery

March: 2nd Y6 National Gallery


Sharing assembly 6th January: Reception, Y2, Y4, Y6


YR    78.3%

Y1     79.3%

Y2     96.7%

Y3     93.3%                   

Y4    90.8% 

Y5    88.3%

Y6    96.7%

Overall  89.0%

Well Done to Year Y2&6!