Parkwood News 13 January 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

The School Day

Classes start at 08:45.  Please ensure that your child is here BEFORE 08:45. The school gates are open from 08:30 so there is no reason to be late. Late arrivals disrupt the learning of your child and others. Please respect our school day.


Girls’ Football Team

Well done to our footballing girls, as they secured a strong win and two hard fought draws at Thursday evening’s competition. We hope gets them through to the next round.


Y6 Transition Day

Please note all Y6 children will be offered a transition day on Thursday, 6 July 2017 to visit possible new Hackney Schools.


All clubs will be starting  next week beginning 16 January . There are still a few spaces in clubs—please see the office staff for details.


Nativity Play

A big thank you to Tom, Timo and Marshall’s dad, who has created an amazing video edit of your wonderful Nativity Play. CD copies of this will be available from the middle of next  week for the bargain price of £5 on CD or £2.50 if you bring in a memory stick for us to upload the video to.  Please see the office staff for more details.


Book Trolley

As part of your reading challenge, we will be visited by a ‘book trolley , in school from the 25th—31st January.  There will loads of amazing books available buy before and after school.


FOP News

See email attachment


Upcoming Trips:

January: Y6 Hackney Young Citizens 26th Y1 National Gallery

February: 1st Y6 Working Life, 2nd Y2 National Gallery,  9th Y4 National Gallery,  22nd Y5 National Gallery

March: 2nd Y6 National Gallery


Sharing assembly 20th January: Nursery, Y1, Y3, Y5 (or possibleyY4)


YR     94.0%

Y1     94.3%

Y2     98.3%

Y3     97.2%

Y4    95.9% 

Y5    94.7%

Y6    95.0%

Overall  95.6%

   Well Done to Year 2!