Parkwood News 20th January 2017

Friday, January 20, 2017

The School Day

Classes start at 08:45.  Please ensure that your child is here BEFORE 08:45. The school gates are open from 08:30 so there is no reason to be late. Late arrivals disrupt the learning of your child and others. Please respect our school day.

Boys’ Football Team

The boys played hard and ground out a couple of really tough draws against some pretty challenging opposition. Hopefully the experience will help them to do even better next time.

Nativity Play

Copies of the nativity play are available for £5 on CD or £2.50 if you bring in a memory stick for us to upload the video to.  Please see the office staff for more details.

Book Trolley and Bookies Reading Challenge

As part of your reading challenge, we will be visited by a ‘book trolley, in school from the 25th—31st January.  There will loads of amazing books available buy before and after school.

Koto Performance

Congratulations to Yuka for running an amazing fundraiser to support the school's breakfast club! The live Koto performance was very well received and raised nearly £200! Thank you to all who supported this and helped out. See the front cover for pictures.

FOP News

Our next class fundraiser will be the years 5 & 6 Karaoke event on Friday 10th February! Different classes will have a chance to sing their hearts out and enjoy the music. Tickets will go on sale in the next few weeks. Let us know if you can help out!

After next half-term, the ever popular Coin Race will take place, organised this year by year 2 on Thursday 23rd February. Start collecting your small change now!

And last but not least, nursery is in desperate need of a (new) fridge or fridge/ freezer. Can you help? Let the school know!

When shopping online please don't forget to use easyfundraising to raise free funds for our school. Just follow the link

Thank you! Friends of Parkwood (FoP; Halina, Liz & Laura)


Upcoming Trips:

January: 26th Y1 National Gallery

February: 1st Y6 Working Life, 2nd Y2 National Gallery,  9th Y4 National Gallery,  22nd Y5 National Gallery

March: 2nd Y6 National Gallery


Sharing assembly 27th January: Reception, Y2, Y4, Y6


YR    85.3%

Y1    97.5%

Y2    95.3%

Y3    97.6%

Y4    97.6% 

Y5    86.0%

Y6    97.7%

Overall  93.7%

Well Done to Year 6!







Caribbean Brown Chicken

Spicy Chickpeas Stew

Steamed Rice/Couscous



Chocolate & Banana Sponge & Chocolate Custard

Jacket Potatoes with Cheese/Tuna

Sweet Potato and Lentil Bake

Baked Beans




Fresh Fruit Platter




Lamb Bolognaise

Quorn & Lentil Bolognaise





Winter Fruit Crumble with Custard




Makhani Chicken

Smoky Bean Casserole

Couscous/Pasta Spirals

Green Beans



Semolina & Prunes




Breaded Salmon Nuggets

Tuna Wraps


Baked Beans




Fresh Fruit Salad





All meals are served with 3 choices of salad daily

All meals are served with wholemeal bread daily

Fresh Fruit is served daily