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Fri, 02/24/2017


FoP news

Welcome back from the short half-term break, Spring is well and truly under way! Our updates: before half-term, years 5 & 6 hosted a karaoke party which was enjoyed by most classes. Many children sung and swung and enjoyed the glowsticks and treats on offer. The event raised a marvellous £186.77!

We now also know that Yr 4’s calendar fundraiser at the end of last year collected £179!

Yesterday, Thu 23 Feb, Yr 2 hosted the Coin Race fundraiser and all classes got stuck in, here are the results: In 1st place, with a tremendous length of 83.14m: year 2! We have 3 runners up: in 2nd place with 75.3m: Yr 3 and in 3rd place with 73.03m: Yr 5 and a special mention for Nursery here who did not win but brought in so many ‘silvers’ they deserve a consolation prize too! Winners and runners up were given their treat at the end of today. Thank you to all who helped organise, collect, run and (still) count the event! And special thanks to Laney who praised all children during assembly for their exemplary behaviour during the coin race and encouraged all to take this attitude forward in whatever they wish to achieve.

Our next FoP meeting will be held on Wed 8th March (eve) in the music room around the back of the school. Everyone is welcome! This meeting will include our AGM (annual general meeting) and we will also start planning for the next big event, our Summer fair! Come along!

Petitions and consultations: Last but not least, please join the movement of parents opposing cuts to education! The planned cuts will affect all schools across the country and unless we have our voices heard, we won’t be able to support our school. To put this into perspective, Parkwood would lose 4 teachers! Please get involved, sign the petition, share, write to your MP and more! See links below!


And… Hackney is currently running a consultation on the future of Hackney schools, called ‘Schools for everyone’. This survey is closing on 28 Feb 2017 so complete it now if you haven’t done so already!


When shopping online please don't forget to use easyfundraising to raise free funds for our school. Just follow the link

Thank you! Friends of Parkwood (FoP; Halina, Liz & Laura)