FOP Minutes of Meeting - 8th March 2017

Wed, 03/08/2017

Minutes Friends of Parkwood (FoP) meeting (second meeting of 2016/2017)    

Wednesday 8 March 2017

(attendees: Paul Wade (Head Teacher), Halina (chair, Yr5, nursery), Liz (treasurer, Yr5, Yr2), Mona (Yr4, Yr2), Gabriela (Yr5, Yr1, nursery), Joanna (Yr5), Karen (Yr3, Yr1), Magda (Yr4, Nursery), Laura (secretary, minutes; Yr5, Yr2); apologies: Tanya, Yuka, Danica, Charlotte, Greg, Paulette, Layla, Claudine, Adella)


Finance report from Liz - also up on FoP notice board in playground - we went over money raised and spent on a great variety of things, the impact of which can be seen around the school. If allocated money is not spent by July, it will be returned to the FoP budget.

FoP is now registered for Gift Aid which means that donations can raise an extra 25%!

Also all attendees voted in favour of FoP obtaining its own debit card to enable it to handle finances more easily.

Voting for positions on the committee: Halina, Liz and Laura will be stepping down from their posts to allow a new fop committee to be formed!  We had a discussion at the meeting on the roles and responsibilities and agreed a job share of current and new position would be a good way of welcoming a new committee. We also agreed to start a FoP What's App group for all to join to stay updated.

2.Upcoming Red Nose Day events

FoP would like to extend our fundraising efforts to other causes and will be taking part in Red Nose Day fundraising.

Maria Ingram (School mentor) will be selling red noses in school soon and in addition to this we propose to ‘wear red’ on red nose day for £1 on Fri 24th March and join in with a nursery/reception Toy share on Thu 23rd March. Please keep an eye out for a flyer asking for donations of good quality toys for nursery and reception.

3.Nursery,  years 1 & 3 fundraising events

Yr 1 fundraiser event: paint/ stencil onto a tote or t-shirt and cake sale. To be held on Friday 28th April during and after school.

Nursery fundraiser event: idea to arrange a Forest school visit for all years, children to pay £1 to come along. Magda will discuss with Lara. Date to be confirmed, preferably during May.

Yr3 fundraiser event: sponsored Fun Run for the whole school. Paul Wade agreed this would be a good whole school event, on the afternoon of Fri 12th May in Finsbury Park. Money raised over £200 will go into FoP funds towards sports equipment. Yr3 parents/ teacher still need to discuss suitable distances and draft sponsorship forms (including Gift Aid, Liz can provide template).

Ongoing fundraising opportunities (Liz):

  • Collecting clothes for bulk collection
  • Collecting stamps
  • Collecting foreign coins/ currency

4.Early planning for summer fair > Sat 1st July

Stalls promised so far:

  • Water balloon yo-yo (Yuka); 50p – £1 to play
  • Plant stall (Tanya)
  • Fire engine visit (Steve)
  • Beads/ bracelets
  • Hiring out tables to business will be done at cost of £10; one booked so far (Charlotte, clothes)
  • Please think of what you could run or help run!
  • Previous year(s) stalls: roller bikes; throw the sponge; food/drink (bbq, cakes, ice cream); biscuit decorating; book stall, various crafts; face painting; nail bar; games.

Liz will contact estate agent Portico again to see whether they could sponsor the summer fair with signs, ideally with Parkwood’s own design summer fair announcement. Portico’s sponsorship of the Christmas fair raised £300.

5.School handbook

Halina has been continuing work, together with Paul Wade on a Parkwood Handbook to be given to each Parkwood family with information about the school. Those present at the meeting will provide feedback on the draft and once completed, the handbook will go on the website, each family will receive a copy and yearly updates will be e-mailed. (Halina to share by e-mail)

6.Any other business

Tanya informed us by e-mail of the progress on keeping the Breakfast Club (BC) running. The club is budgeted to need £45/ day to run and is currently attended by 9 children on average. Efforts to secure funding continue, including communicating with all parents; enquiring with other schools and requesting donations. To be continued.


Laura read out a letter sent to the meeting by Doug King and Iolanda Basso, on behalf of NUT and ATL union members, which provided information on the impending cuts to education and how this will affect Parkwood, with three teachers to be made redundant. The position of teaching staff is:

No redundancies of essential staff are acceptable. (currently Parkwood’s results are in the top 2.5% of the country)

All Friends of Parkwood are asked to

To be continued.


Dates for your diary

Thu 23rd March                       Toy share/ swap (donate toys!)

Fri 24th March                         Red Nose Day (wear red on the day, cake sale …)

Fri 28th April                            Year 1 Fundraiser (decorate bag/ t-shirt, cake sale)

May                                         Nursery Fundraiser – visit Forest School?

Fri 12th May                            Year 3 Fundraiser – sponsored Fun Run

Sat 1st July                              Summer Fair