Parkwood News 14th July 2017

Friday, July 14, 2017

The School Day

Please remember that the school gate is open from 08:30. You can bring children in from 08:30 which gives you a better chance of being on time for school. The school gate closes at 08:45. Children arriving after this time are late for school and must sign in at the office. If they do not, they may not be registered as present in school, which is a risk to their safety.


Parking Outside School

When dropping off children by car, please respect the parking rules outside school. There are two sets of keep clear signs which you must not park on. Please respect the safety of all children and other road users by parking only in the designated parking bays. If this means a 1 minute walk to school, then it is more exercise for you and your child.


Y6 Leaver’s Assembly

We were treated to some fabulous advice, curious memories and block busting videos by Y6, as they reminisced about their time at Parkwood. We are very proud of these young people and wish them all the best of luck as they go on to secondary school. I fully expect to hear great things about each and every one of them in the years to come. World leaders, famous scientists and film stars alike.


Governors Report to Parents

Please see the attached report to parents from the Parkwood school governors. If you would like to know more about the governing body, or how they support the school, please feel free to contact Brian Bell or myself for more information.


Move Up Morning

On Thursday morning, children met their new class teachers, visited their new classes and found out what it is going to be like next year. Teacher were very pleased to encounter their new class and are really looking forward to teaching them next year.


FoP news 14 July 2017

Nursery’s sunflower competition

Well done on all of you who grew lovely sunflowers, nearly flowering! After careful consideration prizes were awarded to five deserved winners! Books for winners have been handed out.

Halina, Liz and Laura can't keep the FoP committee going between the three of them and we haven't had clear volunteers to take up our roles so who would like to become deputy chair, deputy treasurer and deputy secretary?  We promise lots of support, encouragement and most of all satisfaction with supporting our children's school through ever challenging times! Come and talk to us,  it's easy.

Thank you! Friends of Parkwood (FoP; Halina, Liz & Laura, 07909591898)

Up Coming Trips: Y1 & Y2 Clissold Park 17 July


YR    85.3%

Y1     99.3%

Y2     94.0%

Y3     94.6%

Y4    98.6%

Y5    92.7%

Y6    91.7%

Overall   93.6%


Well Done to Year 1 !