PE funding


PE Funding 2014-2015
The Government is targeting PE teaching and sport in primary schoolsin order to support children in reducing obesity and increasing levels of physical activity to promote healthy lifestyles. Schools are free to spend the PE funding in the ways they deem most appropriate. However, the school will be held responsible for how they use this funding to enhance PE provision, promote healthy living and increase pupils activity.
Schools must publish on line information about how they have used the spending.

School Rationale for Spending of PE Funding
The school has historically been well resourced (as a small school) for PE equipment, but teacher knowledge and experience in teaching PE has been less well developed. This is particularly true with regard to specific sports and athletics. The school believes that, by employing dedicated staff to teach key skills and sports, children will benefit from better quality provision and be more likely to engage positively with PE within school and pursue sports elsewhere.

Provision for 2014-2015
Number of pupils on roll: 242
Amount of grant: £12343

Use of funding 2014-2015
Additional resourcing for Reception: £500

Additional resourcing for Nursery: £500
Specialist teaching for Y1 (dance and gymnastics): £2150
Additional resourcing: £500
Sports Coach: £15000
Cycle coach training for volunteer: £450

Parkwood Primary - Impact of PE Grant 2014-15

1. Increased participation in after school sports clubs:
2012-13 – 60 pupils
2013-14 – 80 pupils
2014-15 – 140 pupils

2. Increased staff confidence in teaching PE:
Y2 teacher now leads all PE without coach.
Y5 teacher runs additional sessions
Y2 & Y5 teachers and HT now leading after school sports clubs.

3. Increased involvement with different sports:
2012-13 – football & basketball
2013-14 – football, basketball, rugby, racketball, hockey
2014-15 – football, basketball, rugby, hockey, ballet, gym, karate, cricket, tennis, cycling, horse riding

4. Increased activity out of school hours
Cycle to school numbers:
2012-13 – 6
2013-14 – 11
2014-15 – 19 + 23 children have taken part in Hackney Primary School Cycling League races

5. Focus upon vulnerable pupils:
PPG+ and other children with SEN or low attainment given chance to take part in horse riding.