Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning

"Teachers attitudes are good, they want us to really learn."


We expect children to arrive at and be collected from school punctually every day. Please avoid casual absences as this can greatly affect children's learning and progress. Please contact the school in person, by phone or by letter if your child needs to be absent for any reason. We encourage families to make visits to families abroad only during the school holidays as long periods of absence can severely affect children's learning and progress. As far as possible holidays should not be taken in term time and children should return promptly to school at the beginning of term.

We work alongside the Educational Welfare Services to promote high levels of attendance and punctuality and the service can provide support to families where necessary .


At Parkwood Primary, the main phonics scheme used is Read, Write Inc.

We use Reading Recovery, Play Through Literacy and Themes, and adapted guided reading approaches for our reading in KS1.

We follow the Hackney Loves Reading scheme in order to inform our planning for guided reading and the provision and progression of reading throughout KS2.

The main reading schemes used are:

  1. PMs
  2. Oxford Reading Tree
  3. Story Chest


We use the Primary Advantage Maths framework to inform all of our maths planning and follow the PA Maths Calculation policy to inform our expectation of progression in maths.

Parkwood Values

  • Democracy 

People are chosen to do important jobs through voting. We should respect the choice of most people (a majority). No one can decide that they are in charge without the choice of a majority.

  • Rules 

These are there to protect everyone. We need to respect and follow all school rules to make sure that we are safe and everyone around us is safe. Individual Liberty Each of us is different. We are allowed to be given different work, wear different clothes or have different ideas to each other. 

  • Mutual Respect 

Respect has to be earned. It is earned best by respecting other people. 

  • Tolerance of Others 

Everyone has their own beliefs and faiths. We need to be tolerant of these and respect that not everyone will think or believe the same things as we do. No belief is more right than any other.