The Wider Curriculum

The wider curriculum

Parkwood children take pride in our gardens, which the children help to cultivate.

Parkwood school has developed many cross subject links in the wider curriculum. We make extensive links between literacy, history, geography, art and ICT and we are always looking for ways to expand our teaching. This has been shown to add to the enjoyment of our children.

Friday project

Our Friday afternoon project gives children the chance to try things that they might not normally become involved with. At the start of term, they choose a theme and then develop a proposal, which they then see through to its conclusion over the next few weeks. This might involve publishing a comic, creating a webpage, making a series of electrical circuits, sewing together their own bag, building a working model aeroplane, writing a pop song or anything else they can think of. The teachers help out, but the children are the real leaders on Friday afternoon.

The national curriculum

Beyond the core subjects, we also offer a full national curriculum, covering art, music, PE, design, history, geography and RE. Consult class teachers and their class pages to see what they are learning about each term. We cover everything from rivers to Vikings and the stone age to modern day Belize. We hope to find something to appeal to every child and to spark their curiosity about the world around them many times during their journey through the school.

Enriching our learning

We enrich our teaching with visits, visitors and also by bringing childrens different cultural heritage and languages into the classroom through tailored topics.