Thematic Curriculum

Learning is a skill that's essential for life, enabling us all to continue to develop and thrive throughout our lives. We are proud of our exciting thematic curriculum, which is constantly growing and evolving to follow the interests of the children, whilst also delivering the knowledge and skills we know that they need.

We aim for every child to make progress in every learning experience at Parkwood. Learning focuses not only on developing skills and knowledge to support children in life; we also help to develop skills and attitudes needed for learning itself.

Principles of our theme based curriculum

There are three levels to our curriculum:

Intended- "the matter meant"

Implemented- "the matter taught"

Achieved (enacted) - "the matter learnt"

(Bauersfeld, 1979)

Each theme is taught as an immerse experience for our children so they are able to gain a wide range of learning experiences. The themes are underpinned by key skills which are linked to a range of subjects across the curriculum.

Although English, Maths and Spanish are stand alone subjects, there is a clear link to the theme, especially in English using key texts. Spoken language will also form an important part of the learning and opportunities will be given to practice and develop aspects of spoken language.

The theme always begins with a 'hook' or 'memorable' experience, there will be many trips and workshops throughout the school year to ensure that pupils have a full understanding of the subject.

The theme lessons always work towards a meaningful ending where the class create a product they are proud of or share a performance with others about what they have learnt. These final lessons provide evidence to support children's depth of understanding around the theme.

We map the progress of skills across the curriculum, ensuring that pupils have the opportunity to recall prior knowledge and understand how this is relevant to their current learning. The beginning of each theme starts with a reflection on this prior knowledge, identifying how this will be developed over the theme.

See below for the overview for each year group:

Nursery Autumn 1   Nursery Autumn 2   Nursery Spring 1 Nursery Spring 2

Reception Autumn 1   Reception Autumn 2   Reception Spring 1 Reception Spring 2

Year 1 Autumn 1 Year 1 Autumn 2   Year 1 Spring 1 Year 1 Spring 2

Year 2 Autumn 1   Year 2 Autumn 2   Year 2 Spring 1 Year 2 Spring 2

Year 3 Autumn 1   Year 3 Autumn 2   Year 3 Spring 1 Year 3 Spring 2

Year 4 Autumn 1   Year 4 Autumn 2   Year 4 Spring 1 Year 4 Spring 2

Year 5 Autumn 1   Year 5 Autumn 2   Year 5 Spring 1 Year 5 Spring 2

Year 6 Autumn 1   Year 6 Autumn 2   Year 6 Spring 1 Year 6 Spring 2

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